Safety Management

Predict and Prevent Injuries


Keep your Workforce Safe

Aspect EHS Safety Management solution is a cloud-based platform to manage safety and health operations. It’s designed to make it easier to predict and prevent injuries, and it’s built to keep you and your workforce safe as your business moves forward. Built to¬† streamline safety operations while maintaining compliance and reducing operational costs.

SAAS Platform

All-In-One Platform Solution

Our extensive solution will help you

Our Value

Standardize Safety Management Processes

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  • Seamless

    Work seamlessly across your organization

  • Efficient

    create consistent processes and improve efficiency and performance.


Streamlined Workforce Safety Operations

Reduce administrative burden. Provide your workforce the tools and insights needed to streamline, automate, and improve safety management operations for a more productive workforce at a reduced cost.

Incident Management

Collect and manage all of the data related to an event. Identify the root causes of an incident and take the necessary actions to prevent it from happening again.

Contractor Safety

High-risk work, tight deadlines, and frequent turnover? Manage all aspects of your contractor lifecycle efficiently and effectively with our best-in-class Contractor Safety management solution.

Audits and Inspections

Enable digital transformation of your management systems, Automate audits and inspection processes, and control risk better with our leading software solution.

Risks and Hazards

Transform your approach to managing risks and hazards. Identify and control operational risks and make faster decisions to protect your workforce better.

Change Management

Reduce risk and improve efficiency from conceptualization to implementation. Automate change processes and manage all aspects, , from asset tracking to project management.

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