Document Management

Secure, fast, and efficient documentation process across your business

maximize control

Minimize administrative overhead

When it comes to your business Environment, Health, and Safety, a reliable and sustainable solution must be in place to achieve overall improvement and excellent performance while ensuring your workforce safety and health. 



Aspect EHS enables data centralization and demonstrates the good benefits of having all your data in one place. Storing all valuable data and having them all within your reach at a glance drives better decision-making, leading to more structured and manageable EHS operations.

document management

Drive Efficiency

Automate the process of providing documentation for the Environment, Health, and Safety quality requirements. Minimize human error and improve the efficiency of your documentation process with an excellent document management strategy. Incorporate revision-control, security, workflow, role-based access, protocol enforcement, and auditability in a unified platform, making the process easier. 


Analyze and Control

Aspect EHS features a streamlined User Interface that allows you to store your documents in a single solution. 

  • Permission Control

    Excellent document management allows you to control who sees which documents and when. You can easily designate documents to certain teams, departments, or administrative areas to make sure they can refer to critical documentation when they need to. Also, they can have clear guidance for what is needed from them..

  • Intelligent Audit Trail

    With complete control over your documents' lifecycle, you can easily track and archive them with full audit trails. This solution automatically updates the data when it's outdated or superseded. Provide assurance to regulators that the information is always up-to-date.


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