Environment, Health and Safety

Your All-in-one EHS Management solution

Identify, Analyse and Mitigate Health, Safety and Environmental Risks

solution overview


Keep your Workforce away from risks. Improve your workforce's health and well-being while staying in compliance.


Ensure the safety of your employees and contractors with end-to-end tracking and analytics to aid strategic decisions


Improve your performance with a reliable software solution to meet your environmental goals and achieve a greener future.

Streamline your Operation with Aspect EHS.

Make reliable and informed decisions, whilst ensuring your data is being collected and analyzed in a consistent manner to manage risks and improve operational efficiency

Key Benefits

Monitor and report on all your EHS data, analyze trends, and review insights while meeting compliance requirements and cutting down administrative tasks.

Remove your reliance on disparate spreadsheets & legacy systems

Organize and manage your data with the latest technology.  Benefit from a truly integrated, secure system accessible from anywhere with a single source of truth.


Scalable solutions to meet your objectives

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Incident Management

Collect and manage all of the data related to an event. Identify the root causes of an incident and take the necessary actions to prevent it from happening again.

Audits and Inspections

Enable digital transformation of your management systems, Automate audits and inspection processes, and control risk better with our leading software solution.

Risks and Hazards

Transform your approach to managing risks and hazards. Identify and control operational risks and make faster decisions to protect your workforce better.

Contractor Safety

High-risk work, tight deadlines, and frequent turnover? Manage all aspects of your contractor lifecycle efficiently and effectively with our best-in-class Contractor Safety management solution.

Occupational Health

Eliminate admin tasks and focus on improving workforce health and wellness. Strengthen illness and injury management, ensure compliance, and identify insights to impose better workforce health.

Change Management

Reduce risk and improve efficiency from conceptualization to implementation and analysis. Automate change processes and manage all aspects of change, from asset tracking to project management.

Chemical Managment

Manage the entire chemical lifecycle from approving chemicals, managing chemical inventory, and disposing of chemicals properly. Automate the process and ensure environmental regulatory compliance.

Hazardous Waste

Simplify the turn-in process of your hazardous property. Follow regulations and procedures to ensure proper disposal using approved and compliant resources.

Industrial Hygiene

Achieve a healthier and more productive work environment. Make use of the most comprehensive Industrial Hygiene management solution and meet your business needs.

Emissions Tracking

Achieve full visibility across your operations. Automate workflows and strengthen powerful calculations and data visualization to simplify reporting while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Ensure accurate and auditable data with a robust sustainability solution. Set goals and targets to perform more sustainably regarding environmental and social outcomes.

Water Management

Practice responsible water management through comprehensive monitoring and inspecting to generate accurate data for reporting. Manage water efficiently while you stay compliant.

why aspect ehs?

Comprehensive and Intuitive

Some of the many benefits:

Innovative tools

Realize Benefits Quickly with the power of Microsoft

Automate compliance processes, view insights instantly and intuitively colloborate across your entire organisation 


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